Gregory Lynn Hall, Southern California solo artist and singer for 101 South has had a long journey in the music industry, from studio work to live shows. Gregory started off his music adventure singing gospel songs on his grandma’s piano bench with his 2 other cousins, he remembers his grandma squeezing all 3 of them on that piano bench, learning ans singing harmonies when he was 3 years old. As an instrumentalist Gregory started off playing drums, and soon moved on to guitar, then bass and keyboards,etc..song writing started early also, as well as music production, arranging,

Gregory helped polish his Rock band RAT SALLY in the early 80s and pounded the Hollywood club scene playing at all the usual, popular rock venues, from Gazzaris to the Troubadour, The Country Club, playing many gigs with Bands like Ratt, Poison, Warrant, all the 80s rockers, hanging out with the Hollywood Rocker crowd, David lee Roth, Vince Neil, Nikki Sixx. Rat Sally was pursuing theyre dream, in the midst of doing showcases for David Geffen,Warner bros, When personal tragedy struck, Gregory’s mother was diagnosed with a brain tumor, given 2 years to live.. It just so happened the Seattle grunge sound was coming in and changed the whole music scene, at that point Gregory decided to take a leave of absence from the music bizz, and care for his mother,until her passing ,soon after Gregory moved to the mid-west where he found many new opportunities in Nashville (the whole mid-west region). He became a well sought after session vocalist, singing on many well known Christian artist’s albums including Carman and one of the most sought after jingle, commercial vocalists in the mid-west, with many local and national Jingles under his belt.

In the late 90s the artist returned to California and found himself reuniting with RAT SALLY and going in the studio to record a new EP. Following that, a reunion gig at the world famous Pelicans retreated in 1995. Gregory kept busy doing session work for the next few years.

In 1999 while doing a session in Malibu, he met Roger Scott Craig and was asked to do some demos and 101 SOUTH was born. Shortly after the first 101 SOUTH album (2000) was finished, Gregory was asked to join the band HEAVEN AND EARTH (Stuart Smith, Richie Onori, Kelly Keeling), as their bass player and toured with them to support the “Windows to the World” album, culminating with an All Star filled show for the orphans of 911 in Hollywood.

Gregory has had the honor of performing on stage, and working with; Eddie Money, Don Dokken, Keith Emerson (ELP), Gary Richrath (REO), Howard Leese (Heart), Carmine Appice (Vanilla Fudge), Spencer Davis, Steve Priest (Sweet), Craig Goldy (Guiffria, Dio, Budgie), Kelly Keeling (Blue Murder, Lynch Mob), Don Cromwell (Eddie Money, Air Supply) and many other world class musicians. Gregory has also had the pleasure of working in some of the best studios in the world, INDIGO RANCH, Malibu ca.-THE CHURCH STUDIO, Tulsa Ok. Gregory teamed up with Roger Scott Craig to make another 101 SOUTH album in 2002 called ROLL OF THE DICE that made many top 10 lists in Europe. In Oct. 2008 they finished recording their 3rd 101 SOUTH album with a couple world class guest musicians incl. Ian Bairnson (PILOT, Allan Parsons Project) and Chris Thompson (Manfred Mann, Blinded by the light).

In 2015 Gregory recorded and released his first solo album entitled “Heaven To Earth” which came along with a little harder edge than 101 South. The album was recorded in Las Vegas at “The Hall Closet Studio” and mastered by Mike Turner at “The Chicken Shack” in Chatsworth, California. Now in 2021 Gregory has signed a deal with Frontiers records in Italy, and new music will be coming in late 2021-2022.. LETS ROCK..